Make the designer’s work more structured

Product Roadmap

Reporting from the Product plan, the product roadmap is a high-level visual summary that maps the vision and direction of your product offering over time. The product roadmap communicates the why and what’s behind what you build. A road map is a strategic guidance document as well as a plan for implementing a product strategy.

In practice, some beginner designers, of course, are quite confused to keep track of all your project work. We found one good enough way to support all of them. The notion has played a vital role for us in…

Whether you network, converse with friends or meet a prospective customer. But how many people are struggling to successfully sell themselves and win businesses would surprise you. It’s expertise, but it’s going to take time to reach it. The following tips are currently helping to win over people.

Put the piece together

First impressions matter, so dress intelligently always. You don’t have to wear any suit, but you can still look presentable in the creative industries. These days, people are quite laid back, even if ‘smart’ is still a part of “professional,” so dress up the piece.

Get your flesh…

Continuing from the previous part Part 1, now we will enter the next phase when you are working on a project using Notion. Yes, actually this order is not standard, you can just change it according to the structure of how you do a project, as usual, it’s just that we will start with the order in the notion itself.

User Research

This second stage that we will describe is the user research stage of your product, after previously knowing how your product will work which has been entered into the product journey map, now you start with the research process. For…

“About how to start things off”

Noice podcast app
Noice podcast app


NOICE App adalah platform streaming untuk Radio, Music, dan Podcast yang memfokuskan diri pada konten lokal layaknya spotify. Tak jarang saya sendiripun cukup sering mendengarkan konten podcast di aplikasi ini sebagai alternatif dari spotify, untuk menemani aktifitas saya sehari — hari, karena cukup banyak konten podcast yang berbeda di aplikasi ini, memang untuk mendengarkan musik rasanya Noice belum cukup banyak.

Mengapa ini harus di desain ulang?

  • Proses registrasi pengguna baru sangat sulit dilakukan, karena kode verifikasi OTP tidak berjalan dengan seharusnya.

Berikut tahapan yang saya lakukan:

Tahap 1 — Understand (Riset & Analisis)

  • User Story

Tahap 2 — Define

  • Reframing Problem

Tahap 3 — Desain

Logo by gojek

Gojek adalah salah satu aplikasi yang cukup sering saya gunakan untuk membantu mempermudah kegiatan saya, sebagai alat transportasi juga pembelian makanan tetapi di beberapa waktu lalu saya pernah mengalami kendala saat akan melakukan perjalanan menggunakan go-ride. Saya kesulitan memberikan informasi yang pasti kepada driver saat saya memberitahu posisi dimana saya berada, padahal tempat saya memesan tidak sesulit itu untuk dicari, namun driver cukup kesulitan karena memang ternyata driver ini bukan asli orang Bandung. Dari kejadian ini saya mulai berpikir tentang hal yang perlu di perhatikan yaitu tentang menjalin informasi yang baik bagi para pengguna aplikasi gojek. Salah satunya dengan cara…

Prelo logo

According to sources I read, onboarding screen is the initial screen that is seen by the user before they enter the contents of the apps, the purpose of which is to provide a first impression for a comfortable of users when using an application also introducing what the apps are about. Usually introducing the functions of the apps then what users can get when using these apps.

Examples of onboarding screens usually have 3–4 screens that contain images, titles and a little text that explains the contents of the apps and that’s onboarding screen.

Then how do you make a… in dekstop preview

Background, who doesn’t know him? one of the largest online ticket booking service platforms, which can be accessed through a website or application. The products offered are very varied and can meet travel and leisure needs. Of course, not apart from the company’s strategy to be able to increase sales traffic, attract many customers and build customer loyalty is by presenting promotional features. In my opinion, has succeeded in getting people interested in using their own ticket service with existing promotions. This can be seen on banners displayed very fresh in the eye, can direct users to see…

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